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Add recruiters to your team like Lego blocks

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Need to grow quickly or bridge employer shortages?
Our experienced recruiters will join your team for a flat fee!


Recruiting as we know it today is not a one-fits-all solution. If your company needs to grow quickly, commission-based hiring is often not efficient - neither financially nor process wise. That's why we developed our embedded recruiting service. As the first company offering a Recruiting-as-a-Service solution to Data and AI driven companies, we are here to help you recruit with a flat fee!

Our service in a nutshell

The how, why and what of our embedded recruiting service

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How does it work

  • One or more of our recruiters joins your HR team.

  • Based on your needs, we can cover your whole recruitment cycle or just some elements of it.

  • You decide how long you need the support and cancel it whenever you want.

Budget efficiently with a predictable flat fee

  • Co-develop a recruiting strategy based on your needs.

  • Adapt the embedded team structure on the fly.

  • Maintain a predictable cost structure without unnecessary commissions.

*based on two placements per month with 20% on 45k EUR p.a.

Contingent Recruiting*

min. 50% savings potencial

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Embedded Recruiting

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We put our expertise at your service

because we understand the needs of companies with AI or data driven products

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Full focus on data and AI

A solid data team is not limited to tech roles

We know what to look for to ensure your team is filled with data savvy people. Whether it’s the technical roles directly involved with your product, your sales team, marketing support, leadership, etc.

EU Wide Network

The war for talent has no borders

You are benefitting from our experience in tapping EU-wide networks recruiting for talents in France and Germany

Existing talent pool of data profiles

We know how hard it is to find skilled data professionals

Our constantly growing talent pool of data professionals is at the disposal of your company to build your core data team without any delay.

20+ years of experience

Corporate professionalism meets entrepreneurial creativity

Our founding team combines years of experience from the HR Director for Mars Confectionary with the Head of Business Development from a Berlin tech scale-up. The structure of the corporate world and the pace of the start-up ecosystem at your service.

Some questions we come across frequently

and for further questions you can contact us at any time

Do you also recruit non-technical roles?

Yes, our team of experienced recruiters have a divers background and, through AiNOVA, we share a large network in startup and corporate ecosystems across Europe. Based on your needs, we ensure that the embedded recruiters bring sufficient experience to fill your open positions.

How do you ensure consistently high quality?

Our embedded recruiters will always be coordinated by an experienced team lead from us. You don't need to worry - just lean back and welcome your new employees soon.

How do we keep track of your performance?

We jointly develop a KPI plan for the embedded team, which our team lead will review with you monthly. This way we'll make sure to stay on track and potentially adjust the strategy based on your developments.


Get us known better!

We are putting our experience at your service to grow your team with outstanding talent.

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