We build Data Teams

  • Quick - by providing rapid access to Talents
  • Efficient - by prior Skill Assessment

  • Fair - due to fixed Placement Fees

Driving successful Artificial Intelligence adoption for a better future.


To fill your open Data Scientist job roles, we designed and implemented a lean, yet effective recruiting process.


We provide you with a short list of highly relevant talents that have been carefully matched to your needs. All candidates went prior through a technical skills and learning capabilities assessment professionally executed by our experts. Save time and costs throughout the whole recruitment process and plan your budgets with our fixed rates.

Remote Data Teams in Portugal

Compete at the forefront of the war of talent by having your data team located in Lisbon - one of Europe's leading tech hubs and surfing hotspots at the Atlantic coast.

Remote tech teams are not only since the global pandemic a considerable solutions for companies to attract and sustain talents. With our expertise and a large talent pool of highly skilled data talent, we offer you a full service near-shoring experience.

Flexible staffing for your projects

Whether you don't have data science capabilities in-house or your teams are temporarily understaffed, we offer data experts at your fingertips.

Wether you need data engineers, Scientists or Analysts, our Data Science Hub in Portugal provides you with the right roles at your disposal, while you keep the full ownership of your project. We call it Data Science as a Service.

Based in Europe's most vibrant tech capitals. 

Paris, France

Lisbon, Portugal

Berlin, Germany


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