AiNOVA is a Data Science Consultancy operating all over Europe.

  • We help you to transform towards a data driven organization 

  • We recruit top 5% talent among Europe's best Data Science and Ai experts

  • We train and re-skill your existing engineers to become data scientists


"companies (...) in the use of data-driven decision making are, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors"

Andrew McAfee (MIT)

What we do

We lay the foundation to integrate data science into your organization.

Our team of data engineers prepares and transforms your data into the right formats so it can be further processed for Data Science and Machine Learning projects. That way we are removing your data silos and turning them into one large data lake. This is a crucial measure in order to implement data science and Ai into an organization.

We match the best talent available with your needs.

Our experience and assessment tools ensure to recruit top 5% talent among Europe's best Data Science and Ai experts consistently. Putting a strong emphasis on our customer's company culture is crucial to create long lasting employee relationships.

We turn your Engineers into Data Science experts

Often it is not necessary to recruit Data Scientists, since Computer Engineers are very much capable of becoming Data Scientists, with the right training. At the AiNOVA academy, we re-skill your engineers to become Data Scientists. 


Expertise that looks for it's peers

With 18+ years of experience in Business Transformation for global leaders, we are your #1 address to guide you through the next transformation.




Europe's Data Science advocates

We do not only want to integrate Data Science successfully into your organization but we rely on our data models already to run AiNOVA. 



Attracting the best talent

Experience, the right instinct and state of the art assessment tools is our secret sauce for consistently identifying Europe's top 5% of Data Science talent.