Recruiting Event


Hire amazing Data Talent in only 4 weeks

in Data Science, Data Analytics or Data Engineering

How it works

Week 1

Sign up and onboarding

Week 2

Assessing technical skills

Week 3

Personal interviews

Week 4


Pre-screening call with an AiNOVA recruiter to onboard you to the event.
We use this opportunity to better understand your background and expectations.

Online assessment to better understand your specific technical skills and relevant Data Science knowledge.

We have 1:1 interviews to assess leadership capabilities focusing on candidates’ abilities to build collaborative relationships and deliver consistent results.

We then set up a call with feedback after sending you a 1 page summary of each candidate of Best Fit. Candidates that you select are then integrated into your hiring process.

Candidates from past events

years of professional experience in average

female candidates

PhD holders

The schedule

Dates coming soon

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Sign-up, onboarding calls, and talent intake

Assessing candidates technical skills

Personal 1:1 interview with each candidate

Introduction of candidates

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