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During the annual recruiting peaks, when companies ramp up their hiring efforts, we are supporting them by providing them with outstanding data experts. Therefor we created the AiNOVA Recruiting events, which take place quarterly each year in selected cities. 4 weeks sprints of candidate signup- and assessment-phase to ultimately get matched with great and exclusive job offers at our partner companies.

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"End of Year" Event

in Paris and Berlin

08.11.2021 - 03.12.2021


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Senior Data Engineer

70k - 80k EUR

Berlin, Germany


Within two weeks of my first discussion with AiNOVA, they proposed a data Analyst job that matched all of my requirements. Within another 2 weeks I had been through the interviews and received a job offer.. A very efficient process!

Rosalyn, hired as Senior Manager Business Intelligence at Flixbus

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