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What is the best destination in Europe to build a data science career ? At AiNOVA we scanned the European job market for one of the most demanded job in Artificial Intelligence: Data Scientist.

Europe is one of the most dynamic region with 78 400 "Data Scientists", in comparison to US with +86 300 Talents in that field and India growing at a rapid pace with +30 700 Data Scientists.

Europe offers a wide variety of career options in Data Science and the effort of the EU community (shaping Europes digital future) combined with individual country initiatives makes Europe region a magnet for highly skilled Talent. Our Talent matrix below shows that countries like France, Poland and Portugal have developped their education system to boost Data Scientist new generations. Countries like UK, Germany and the Netherlands have more experienced profiles in proportion.

If you are interested in the detail of our European Data Scientist Talent Pool analysis, please contact me at alban.auffray@ainova.com. I hope you liked this first article about Ai Careers and if you want to contribute to further build visibility on this topic don't hesitate to reach out.

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