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Senior Big Data Engineer (m/f/d)


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Data Engineer








About the company

Our client is a leading B2B Big Data and Business Intelligence software-as-a-service company operating in the new e-commerce reality: Marketplaces.

Our client's mission is to help brands and retailers thrive on Amazon and other Marketplaces with their Search Engine Marketing, Market Intelligence, and Business Analytics software that assists them in growing their sales and improving their margins.

Every day, their technology collects and analyses trillions of data points on products, search queries, brands, sellers, sales, and advertising efforts. This trove of uniquely blended data can be leveraged to give customers unparalleled business insights.

About the role

Our client is looking for a senior Data Engineer to join their Engineering team. They need someone to help them with their upcoming data pipelines. Their ideal match will be with a software engineer who has a solid experience with distributed platforms. They expect autonomy, strong communication skills & capacity to help them scale in terms of data aggregation and consumption. This open position comes at a particularly exciting time when our client is scaling up and building core organisation.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
- Help them ingest the tremendous amount of data from the platforms they're working on and make it available and useable for the team and customers.
- Be a leader on all the data engineering questions company-wide.
- In the context of our client's ambitious roadmap for the next year— integrating 10+ new marketplaces — be proactive and identify future pain points, and work with the team to provide solutions.
- Be a naming-master for the team. Because yes, just like our client, we genuinely think an important part of the engineering job is to find the right name for the right data :)


- Academic background in Computer Science, Engineering, Data or similar
- Solid experience as a Data Engineer
- Good knowledge and experience in Software Engineering
- You know your way around distributed systems and data-processing engines (Spark)
- Expertise and insights about warehousing/data-lake concepts and associated technologies
- Experience in SQL Server or Snowflake
- Good understanding of the data generated from e-commerce marketplaces and their meaning/usefulness
- Ability to work in a Microsoft environment (Windows, C#, SSMS...), Linux knowledge is a plus.
- Scripting capabilities (PowerShell, Python, Azure CLI...)
- Good awareness about the e-commerce environment
- Fluent in English
Personal Skills
- Autonomous and self-organised
- Healthy Passion: Keep up-to-date on advances in the field
- Ability to rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and provide creative solutions
- Comfortable with peer-working, reviews, etc.
- Agile problem solving: Understand the question behind the question and break down the problem into smaller, more easily solvable pieces
- Self-Starting Motivation: Experiment and explore; take risks, but stay persistent while facing roadblocks
- Hustle: you’re fearless about doing whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means making mistakes along the way
- Highly energetic, self-motivated and results-driven person
- Empathic with customers & team pains