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Amazing Job Opportunities

We constantly keep you up to date with exclusive job roles in France, Germany and Portugal. We make sure that you only receive job opportunities from us, that are perfectly matching your profile.

Benefit from our network and get access to jobs in companies that are world champions in their domain, before anyone else. 

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AiNOVA is more than just a recruiting firm. We work talent-oriented. That means that we are aiming at building long term relationships with you. We can trust on our career support and advice at any time and in job negotiations we want to reach the best outcome for you!

Be part of our Ai Network

We want to connect people that share the same passion for Data and Ai as we do. We are bringing our talent base frequently together on events, educational sessions and on our exclusive social media channels. We want to spark discussions, share knowledge and build the strongest expert network in Europe. 


This spring we bring to you our exclusive "Spring Recruiting Event" which will open you doors to exciting job opportunities and is going to lead to your next big career move. We reached out to our network of leading tech companies in Berlin, Paris and Lisbon and identified the best positions in Data and Ai waiting to be filled by you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our spring recruiting event and get a new job within four weeks. How that works? See below:

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When you sign up for our talent pool, you get automatically considered for our Spring Recruiting Event - just upload your CV or send your LinkedIn profile above. We get back to you within 24 hours for the next steps.

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In two sessions we are going to assess your learning capabilities and your technical skills. Both will take place fully remote and is increasing your chances to get matched with your dream job.

3. Get matched with a company

Based on your interests and skills, we are matching you with the ideal job offer. Following you are joining the companies recruiting process for which we are preparing and supporting you.

4. Start your dream job

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