Let companies apply to you

only your skills matter

Beta launch in autumn 2021 - Berlin

No bias through name, gender, age, photos or employer names

How exactly does the AiNOVA cloud work

The AiNOVA Cloud is a database of all our fully assessed candidates. The beta version will only launch in Berlin, hence only profiles of candidates that are looking for jobs in Berlin will be displayed on the platform. We will keep you updated when we are launching the AiNOVA cloud in other locations.

All your data is anonymised. Your current and past employers won't be able to identify you based on the data provided on the platform. Additionally we avoid any bias towards origin, identity or appearance. Instead we put the full spotlight on your skills and previous experiences.

You can stop the job hunt! Because from now on companies can find your profile and request a call with you instead. Since we only focus on data roles, the relevance of the jobs is guaranteed. And don't worry, we will ask you first if you are interested in the company and job before sharing your contact details.

What information of yours are shared on the AiNOVA Cloud?

Out of a pool of candidates, companies can access your anonymised profile and download a PDF version of your CV. Additionally they can request an interview with you which is being shared with you for approval.

What can recruiters see:

  • A descriptive headline written by us

  • Your working experiences without revealing any employer names

  • Academic background without revealing university names

  • Your skill assessment results

  • Your leadership skill assessment results

  • Tools you are familiar with

  • Languages you speak

  • Your data certifications